Get Involved!

Are you ready to volunteer? Here are some of our activities that are looking for volunteers.

If you are interested in any of the following please contact 

Angela Kelly vaulter_ang@yahoo.com or 

Demecia LaBarre demecia.labarre@stryker.com

or click on the PDF below to fill out and return to the PTO mail box in the office

Committee and Volunteer Descriptions

Committee and Volunteer Descriptions

Walk-a-thon (Chair needed) Timeframe: Spring, one-time evening event

Walk-a-thon is our Fall Fundraiser.  It is a great way to support our school and promote exercise!  The event will be held in the evening to allow parent to participate with their student(s).

Holiday Shop (Chair needed) Timeframe: December, during school day for one week

Help students shop for and purchase items for their family at the Holiday Shop.

School Carnival (Chairs: Demecia Labarre, other chairs needed) Timeframe: March, evening event

Carnival is a fun family event in the midst of winter.  We need help with each of the following: games, food, set-up, tear-down, tickets, donations, and advertising.

Teacher Appreciation Week  (Chair: Kim Barr) Timeframe: May, weeklong celebration during school day

Help us let teachers know just how much we appreciate them!  Provide meals and other fun surprises for them.

Super Kid Field Day (Chair needed) Timeframe: June, event is a school day afternoon

Work with the PE teacher to plan a Field day for the students.  Need parents to run the different events, pass out water, and come out and cheer!

Gardening (Chair needed) Timeframe: Spring

Keep our flower beds looking beautiful!  Help needed with spring clean-up, planting and maintaining flower beds, a plant sale in the spring.

Hospitality Team (Chair needed) Timeframe: Fall & spring conference week, during school days and evenings

Prepare a food item for the teachers during fall and spring Parent/Teacher conferences.  The chair would organize the items each volunteer brings to ensure there is a variety for the teaching staff.  Volunteers are needed for set up and clean up.

Picture Day (Chair needed) Timeframe: Fall picture day, during school day

Help usher students to and from their rooms to get their pictures taken.

Catalog Fundraiser (Chair needed) Timeframe: October/November

Committee will distribute information for annual fundraiser, collect order forms and be on hand to distribute ordered items to parents at conferences.

Book Nook (Chair: Kim Chandler) Timeframe: Throughout school year, weekly before classes start

Book nook is a place where kids can come to buy or trade new or used books at an affordable price.  Collect books, organize by grade-level, and work the sale.

Paw Store (Chair: Michelle Mickelson)  Timeframe: Throughout school year, Fridays during school day

Positive paws are given out to promote good behavior during school.  Once a month students are invited to shop at the Paw Store with their paws.  We need volunteers to collect items to “sell” and to work morning or afternoon shifts for the sale.

Popcorn Poppers (Chair needed) Timeframe: Throughout school year, during school day 

Students get popcorn on Fridays!  Organize a list of parent poppers for Friday mornings.  Pop popcorn, deliver to classrooms, clean-up, and gather supplies.

BoxTops for Education (Chair: Cecelia Gillish, Co-chair needed) Timeframe: Throughout school year, school hours

The collection of BoxTops brings in about $1,200 for our school; each top being worth 10 cents.  Campbell’s soup labels also provide points for the purchase of supplies. Help prepare all BoxTops & labels to be mailed for redemption. Encourage class participation and reward monthly winners.


Family Fun Nights (Chair needed) Timeframe: Throughout school year, evening activities

Help to plan fun, family events such as bowling, family movie night, board game night, roller skating, sporting events, etc.

Mini Grants (Chair: Jim Johnson) Timeframe: Throughout school year

Provide an application for teachers to submit a request for items using a mini grant.  Review the grant applications with a committee and propose grant selections to the PTO executive board.

Drop-off, Recess, Lunch Duty (Chair needed) Timeframe: Throughout school year, before and during school

Chair would organize a list of parent volunteers to come in and supervise during lunch, recess and drop-off.


**Even if you only have a few hours for these activities …we would never turn down anyone’s time or talent!